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To get Silver - EASILY, let’s get going with the Simply Silver package, and let’s get this done.

FORS is a contractual requirement for some jobs. Before signing to FORS contracts – it might be worth finding out if you’d be accepted by FORS. Before signing up with FORS, find out what it means to YOU in terms of timing and YOUR obligations.

The Simply Silver Solution is based on the following but is flexible to suit YOUR needs:
I make FORS easy. With my Silver Solution, you can achieve fast and long-lasting success. My manual guarantees a route to a pass, covering all the policies, procedures and documentation required for the application. I work to build a plan for your business and only yours. No generic blueprints. You only invest in the absolute essentials and ensure you pass at the lowest cost to your business.

Simply Silver package based on the following, but with flexibility to suit your needs.

By working with me, FORS becomes something you don’t have to worry about. From an initial application to continued audit success, I explain:

I can do it all for you, taking away all the worry and grief.

Working together, we can make Silver FORS easy to get and easier to keep. Call me on 07845 407 064.

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