FORS success guaranteed -
or your money back

Welcome to Fleet Matters Ltd, where you’ll find out how easy it can be to get and keep FORS, and overcome any Operator Licence issues you may have.

FORS can be easy if you know how.  For many years I’ve been successfully guiding clients through the FORS maze, because I know how. I understand what FORS wants and how to provide it easily and efficiently, helping my clients pass

If it’s urgent, I can have you FORS ready in just a few days. Guaranteed.

Use our manual, follow our system, and you will pass. If you don’t pass, I will refund your audit fee. 

With a proven track record of success, our Bronze and Silver FORS manuals and our systems guarantee you will pass FORS with ease.

It really can be that simple to pass FORS.

Once you’ve got it, I can manage the retention process so that you only do what is necessary to keep your accreditation.

Complicated and costly systems - I’ve seen a few. Our process provides all you need and asks you to do only what you need to do to get and keep FORS. No fluff or add-ons, just the essentials, saving you time and money.

If you need FORS, give us a call and let’s get it done!

It’s good to talk!

If you’d like to hear how I can make FORS easy for you, or if you’d like information on our services or other support I can provide, please get in touch. You’ve nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

What is Fors?

It’s a contractual requirement for some jobs and some sites.

It’s not open to everyone, so I would check that you can get it before signing to a contract requiring it.

Follow the standard, pass the audit and, you’re good to go.

Once you’ve got it, it can be easy to keep, with the right systems and right processes.

I will provide you with the best systems and processes to make FORS easy for you right from the start.

Once you have FORS, I can manage it for you, so that you only do what is necessary, saving you time and money

when to apply

It’s a really good idea to get independent advice before you sign up to FORS.


Signing up means enrolling, and your FORS 90 day clock starts. Getting the timing wrong will cost you wasted time and effort every year. Together, we’ll choose the best time for YOU to sign up to FORS. If you want to go for Silver, we can help to choose the optimal time.

Already signed up? That means you only have 90 days to PASS your audit. There’s a lot to do, but with our manual and our system in place, we can get you fully audit ready within days.

Time to make that call, contact us, and let’s get it done.

Why you need help

You can fail a FORS audit for simply using the wrong words, or missing vital words.

That’s why our expertise is essential.

Our system provides all the processes and all the words you need for any type of Bronze audit.

We know what FORS wants – we provide it. Simple.

Use our manual, follow our system and I guarantee you will pass your FORS audit.

I’ve been helping clients pass FORS audits easily and efficiently for many years, so I know the pitfalls and the catches to avoid. No matter what your starting point, I guarantee you an audit PASS with my manual and system.

Dave Holloway

How can I help you?

Our multi option path to guaranteed FORS success is tailored to meet the needs of your business. I’ll explain what you need to do and how to do it efficiently, making the whole FORS process easy and understandable. I’ll provide as much support as you need, doing it with you, or for you if necessary.

You will receive your own Company FORS Bronze or Silver manual, with the forms, documents, policies and procedures. Our “personal to you” service also includes support meetings, telephone calls and email assistance, whatever you need to achieve audit success. Guaranteed.

From your first call, your FORS success is our priority and I will work with you every step of the way.


BRONZE pass - support options

For FORS Bronze, use my guidelines and plan and you will pass with ease. Saving time, effort and money - let’s get it done.

Bespoke FORS Bronze plan containing:
Your plan is designed around you and your needs, so you achieve FORS success. I’ll support you throughout the entire process from start to finish. With a proven track record of passing FORS audits for many years, you can be guaranteed a route to a pass – or your money back.

Want Bronze - let’s get it done.

Once we’ve got Bronze, I can “keep Bronze current” for you ensuring that you keep up to date with all that is needed. No need to employ someone, I’ll manage it for you.

SILVER pass - support options

For FORS Silver, use my Manual, follow the plan, you will pass with ease, saving time, money and effort.

Bespoke FORS Silver plan containing:
My Silver plan is tailored around what you need to get Silver. You get total support and I take away all the hassle in the process, providing you the documents you need, completing your application for you and guarantee success using my proven format.

Want Silver - call me and let’s get it done.

Once we’ve got Silver, I can “keep Silver current” for you ensuring that you keep up to date with all that is needed. No need to employ someone, I will manage it all for you.

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