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To get Bronze - EASILY, let’s get going with the Bronze easy package, and let’s get it done.


FORS is a contractual requirement for some jobs. 

When you register, the clock starts ticking, and you have 90 days to pass your audit. This includes up to 10 days to receive the result, and only 30 days to put things right. Aim to be audited within 50 days. It’s easily done with the right help. There are multiple variants of the Bronze FORS audit you may face. By preparing with me, you will be ready for whatever Bronze audit you face.

Bronze easy package is based on the following, but is flexible to suit what YOU need:

Remember FORS BRONZE is easy - easy to get and easy to keep. I’ll show you how, so working together, let’s get it done.

Everything below is required for FORS and included with my assistance:

1. D4 professional development plan
2. Driver handbook
3. Highway code
4. Vehicle maintenance planner
5. Driver walk round check report
6. Fuel and emissions monitoring spreadsheet
7. Organisational chart

I supply all the FORS policy, procedure and risk assessment documents required.

Working with me is a sure path to success with FORS; or your money back.


Can be provided, at short notice if required. In a group, 1 - 2 - 1. Whatever your FORS APPROVED or CPC training needs we can supply the most efficient and economical training solution for you.

My service promise:

In Summary

I can provide all the training, the support and the documentation you need to prepare for and pass your FORS Bronze audit with ease.

This is your complete solution to FORS in one set of Manuals. It really couldn’t be easier - so let’s get to work, and let’s get it done.

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