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BRONZE - need to know
  • Before signing up to FORS contracts - find out if you'd be accepted by FORS. 
  • Before signing up with FORS - find out what it means for YOU in terms of timing and obligations.
  • Registering is ENROLLING - you must PASS your audit within 90 days.
  • 90 days includes up to 10 days to receive the result, only 30 days to put things right.
  • Aim to have the audit within 50 days.  It's easily done.
  • Registered?  Time running out?  Call me.  We can pass.
Included in your FORS Bronze package to guarantee success:
  • A Bronze Compliance Manual containing ALL the documents required by FORS, NO unecessary extras.
  • On-site support meetings to ensure that you understand the Standard, and can use the Manual.
  • Instruction, demonstration and explanation on how to satisfy the requirements.
  • Telephone support as and when you require it to answer your FORS questions.
  • E-mail support as and when required to respond to your FORS questions.
The following are all FORS compliant and included FREE  
  1. D4 professional development plan.
  2. Driver handbook.
  3. Highway Code.
  4. Vehicle maintenance planner.  
  5. Driver walk round check report. 
  6. Fuel and emissions monitoring spreadsheet.
  7. Organisational chart.
I supply all the FORS policy, proceudre and risk assessment documents required

Can be provided, at short notice if required.  In a group, 1 - 2 - 1.  Whatever your FORS APPROVED or CPC training needs we can supply the most efficient and economical training solution for you. 

FORS needs, and some FORS "Ifs":
  • You NEED ALL the specified assessments, policies and procedures.  I supply them. 
  • IF you've already got some documentation, I can review them to ensure it is fit for FORS.
  • IF you have a 3rd party manual, not sure how to use it, it's a muddle, I can help you.
  • IF your audit is due soon, very soon, you're not ready, I can still help you pass your audit.
  • IF  you've failed your audit, I can help you put things right and get a pass.
  • IF you have failed your audit, believe you can appeal, we'll review that. Auditors make mistakes. We'll look at the reasons for failure, work out the best way forward. Maybe by appeal, if justified, or by rectifying the issues. Whatever's needed, we'll sort it, and get that audit pass.  

In summary - I can provide all the training, the support and the documentation you need to prepare for and pass your FORS Bronze audit, easily.

SMALL OPERATORS - this is YOUR COMPLETE FORS solution in one Manual, no other files required. It couldn't be easier.


SILVER - Your FORS SILVER requirements satisfied in one easy to use SIMPLE SILVER MANUAL
  • FORS SILVER supplied to you on a platter. It's so easy with my  SIMPLE SILVER SOLUTION  enabling you to get and keep Silver easily
  • FORS Silver Manual containing all the policies, procedures and documentation required for initial application and renewal application.
  • Checklists for every section, highlighting the evidence required to make sure you don't miss anything.
  • FORS Silver application forms that you will be filling in, for reference.
  • Adopt it, implement it, to get or keep Silver accreditation.
I make every aspect of FORS EASY, and I'll be with you all the way from initial assessment to audit success, I'll explain and show you:
  • What you need to do
  • Why you need to do it
  • How to do it
  • If you need, I'll do it with you or for you

Already registered and "Audit countdown" ticking?

I can help prepare for and Pass your FORS Audit. If the audit is in a few days, and you’re way behind, it's still not impossible. No matter what your position, I can help you achieve a FORS audit pass.

If you'd like to discuss your FORS requirements and find out how I can help you, give me a call between 08:00 and 18:00, or get in touch by email.
I can provide whatever level of help and support you need to achieve FORS.

For all enquiries about FORS or our other services,
call 07845 407064
or email info@fleetmatters.org

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