Savings to be Made

I was approached by a company recently to review their FORS Silver application. They were concerned at the amount of work and training that a FORS advisor company was requiring them to do, and the cost involved. FORS Silver is a very straightforward application process. You make sure that you have the required policies, procedures and processes in place, you implement them, you communicate them to staff and upload the evidence to FORS. You get Silver. Simple.

I manage the Bronze and Silver accreditations for many of my clients expecting to upload around 40 – 60 documents or items to FORS in support of a Silver application.

On reviewing their 2020 Silver application to see what we could use again, I discovered that they had uploaded over 180 documents to FORS.

Each “document” has to be communicated to staff in accordance with Bronze Communication requirement M5. It appeared that whoever advised them wasn’t sure what to upload so uploaded just about anything and everything.

We reviewed the documents, and discarded them. By adopting and implementing the Fleet Matters Ltd manuals and documents we only needed to upload 42 documents to FORS, saving the client time and money. Looking ahead, we will also cut down the time wasted on unecessary training, keeping drivers driving vehicles, not a desk or a computer.

If you’d like to see how I can save you time and money AND still keep FORS accredited, give me a call or send me an email. My guarantee to you is that if I can’t identify areas where you could save money and time, I won’t charge you for my time.