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Consider this:

Imagine if  - the Auditor missed, or just forgot to record, several pieces of evidence that you had presented at audit, and as a result of their errors, you failed your audit?   
This has happened.  How would you deal with it?  If an auditor is not satisifed with the evidence produced, most will ask if there is anything else.   Most will say they have seen or heard enough when they are satisfied that sufficient evidence has been provided.  One auditor didn't give any indication, not a word, but when the audit report was received, it was clear that they'd made numerous errors and important omissions.   The appeal was easily dealt with as, having used the same system for 5 years, we could report that the system had all the evidence that had been clearly missed or omitted, and the erroneous claims were their mistake.  
This is a classic example of how I can help you.  With a proven system, established over many years, we can show that everything is in place, it was just overlooked at the audit.

Crash for cash scammers  (CFC)
Fleet management, it's not just about running the fleet.   It's also about protecting your fleet and your drivers.    Crash for cash scammers, may select commercial vehicles because, they're going to be insured.  Insurance companies might prefer to pay out, rather than engage in what could be a costly claim battle.  It's cheaper to settle.

So, how to protect your commercial fleet from the "CFC" Scammers?  Vehicle fitted CCTV AND a sticker stating "CCTV fitted", might work, at enormous cost.  So might JUST A STICKER on the back of the vehicle  stating "CCTV fitted to this vehicle", at tiny cost.  You might deter a crash for cash scammer if you STICK a STICKER?

What rubbish
Did you know that a Waste permit is required - if your driver eats a sandwhich and puts the wrapper on the passenger seat, apparently, according to a FORS auditor.  Seriously, the auditor was adamant about this, and went on about it.  The Environment Agency has confirmed that this IS rubbish.  Pun, intended.
FORS - telephone audits 
There has been mention of FORS telephone audits recently.   The term "telephone audit" can be taken several ways.  If you fail your audit on something like missing evidence or a missing document, the follow up to that audit may be conducted by phone and email.  So you may have a conversation with FORS about what is required, then you submit the evidence by email.  It's a sensible solution and saves an auditor coming to look at a piece of paper, and saves you another audit fee.
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